Summer in a jar 2016

The summer has always been a special time. The long period of no school as a kid, day trips, sleep overs and traveling made the summer a happy time. Since I started working this has changed a lot. Now there are only 5 weeks of no work for the whole year. I still go on vacation, but usual not until september. To make the summer special I like to do a summer project. The summer is the time of year to go outside and visit places. It’s the time to have fun with friends and family.


This year I am inspired by the I’m bored jar. I found many ideas on pinterest and yes, I am aware these are meant for children. Does that really mather? I came up with 52 things I would like to do, some things are free, some things do cost some money.


Maybe you would like to join me. I will host a swap on this swap-bot group every 2 weeks. If you don’t want to sign up on swap-bot (but why not? It’s really fun!) you can also leave a comment on this blog to tell me where I can read your adventures. Or you just do it and don’t tell me at all. If you like the idea, but hate the activities feel free to add your own activities to your jar, if you want to do the same activity over and over again: go for it. Feel free to change the ideas. There is 1 that says Learn to play chess, but maybe you wanted to learn how to play bridge for a long time. Well, learn bridge than. This is meant to be fun and share a little summer joy. I made a pdf of the activities you can print :Summer 2016. I hope you all have a wonderful summer!