A memory of kindergarten

Most of my memories of my childhood are pretty vague. Some people have very clear memories, but I’m not one of them. Thinking about kindergarten make paper flowers pop up in my head. I had to make a huge paper flower and give it to someone. I remember being very sad I wasn’t allowed to keep it myself. But why did I had to make this flower and why must it be given away and to who?


I looked trough my photo album and found this picture. My mom wrote that this was a saying goodbye to a teacher. Flipping trough that album I noticed 5 occasions where I had to say goodbye to teachers. Kindergarten teachers often where women and during the 80’s it was normal for women to quit their job when they got children.

I’m the girl in the middle, I do look sad. I remember my mom promised me ¬†we would make a new flower, I can’t remember if we actual did make one.


My visual journal

I got myself a nice pink notebook. It’s A5 size, not too big and easy to take with me if I want. This project will be more like a diary then an art journal. 

Also I filled up my little suitcase. At Jelliebellie you can find a free online class to make your own inspiration station. 

Mine is a mess. Every now and then I empty it and fill again with pieces of paper, stamps and ink, washi tape, magazine cutouts, little itsybitsy things I received from penpals, pens and markers, embelishments and so on. 

When i make an entry for my visual journal I take my suitcase and decorate it with whats inside the suitcase. 

My first entry is an introduction of myself and I used my instax camera to make a selfie. It didn’t turn out that bad.