A memory of kindergarten

Most of my memories of my childhood are pretty vague. Some people have very clear memories, but I’m not one of them. Thinking about kindergarten make paper flowers pop up in my head. I had to make a huge paper flower and give it to someone. I remember being very sad I wasn’t allowed to keep it myself. But why did I had to make this flower and why must it be given away and to who?


I looked trough my photo album and found this picture. My mom wrote that this was a saying goodbye to a teacher. Flipping trough that album I noticed 5 occasions where I had to say goodbye to teachers. Kindergarten teachers often where women and during the 80’s it was normal for women to quit their job when they got children.

I’m the girl in the middle, I do look sad. I remember my mom promised me  we would make a new flower, I can’t remember if we actual did make one.


Journal of me #2

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I’m not a morning person. I need time to wake up. First thing I do is banging on the alarm to make it shut up. I hate the alarm, it’s noisy and makes me cranky. Also I go to bed too late and I want to sleep more, much more! I’m a snoozer so that annoying sound is there again in 9 minutes. Time to start the day.


Journal of me #1

In the journal of me I’ll explore my daily life, my memories and my dreams for the future by using a prompt. Prompt #1: Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.

I’m a fan of Keri Smith. I love her books and I love how she helps me to find adventure in my daily routine. A while ago I discovered her book The Wander Society. It’s not really like her other books that give you lots of assignments (but there are a few) and it’s not a novel either. It tells Keri’s search for the Wandering Society after finding some writing in an old book. It’s about not logging in on social media, but go out and see the world, feel the world, connecting to your own thoughts.

Processed with Snapseed.

I didn’t really read anything I didn’t know (unless the existence of this society and I’m not even sure if this society is real or this is an invention of Keri, but that doesn’t really matter) but it did made me realize that a few years ago I loved to go outside, watching birds and see the change of seasons. I hadn’t done that for ages and I miss it. Walking trough nature helps me to lower my stress level, it makes me happy! So today I went for a walk.

It was a bit of a chilly day, but I had committed myself to take this walk. I went to a place not too far from home. As a kid my parents took me here to find mushrooms or swim in the lake. It’s an interesting area with a lot of nature, but it’s not really natural. It shows how this area looked like before industry and technology took over our lives.You can see how people have used nature to build houses and find food. I spent most of my time in the wood area, but there is also a large polder/claimed land. Walking here made me feel good and relaxed. I must remember this and go out more! 


I’ve been feeling very stressed lately. It affected my mood and last week I decided something had to change. So I rescheduled my agenda and planned in some me-time today. I started this morning with a yoga class, what was nice,on the way home I bought myself some pretty flowers and after that I turned my bathroom into a spa. Long shower and many many creams, I feel reborn. Lovely. It was also a celebration because last sunday I got rid of a big stress maker. Oh yes, I finished the summer journal and it is now traveling to Australia. It has 28 prompts and 28 pieces of arts and crafts. It was a big task and I don’t think I will ever do it again (I’ve said that before, I should remember these kind of things)


So here is how my desk looked last sunday. You can see the journal on the left bottom. What else is there, hmm a lot. There are paints and inks and stencils. Stickers, washi. Pretty much everything I used to decorate the journal. I’m so relieved it’s finished and I’m so happy with the result. This was a major thing, I hated it, I stressed about it and it was all worth it!


Some of the pages in the journal. Reading the prompts made my head pop with all these ideas of how I could make something about it. I mostly kept it simple with colored pencil and a lot of washi tape. Washi makes everything look good.


Besides the journal the swap also requested some tea and goodies. I wrapped the goodies, because I think everybody likes to open a present. Oh I so hope my partner likes this. Can you tell I’m feeling nervous about this 🙂


I’ve cleaned the desk and started with 2 new projects. These don’t have deadlines and I can work on it as I please. I started playing the Pokemon go game and fell in love with the characters. My husband is searching the attick for his cards from long time ago. We kind of forgot about Pokemon, but it’s all coming back. Then I found this cross stitch patern. It’s all first generation Pokemon in 1 project. It’s huge! My mom was a real cross stitcher, she loved doing it and had a huge stash of yarn and fabric and extra tools. All this is now at my place, collecting dust. I went trough it and I have enoug yarn and a big enough piece of fabric to make 1 epic pokemon generation 1. Let’s do this!

If you look closely to the picture you see a sketch laying under a pile of yarn in the top left corner. I finally started with the ever after class. Only 1 month late and the new lessons are online now. If I remember correct the lessons can be vieuwed until november and they all can be downloaded. I’m taking my time for this. I do hope for some more sunny days this summer that I rather spent outdoor instead of painting and this class would be perfect for autumn and winter.

I end todays post with my flowers. They are a pale pinkish almost white color. I love them! More desks can be seen at Julia. And I wish all of you a creative and relaxing week.


It’s wednesday, time to share what I’m working on and how my desk looks. Other participants can be found at LLJ. I haven’t done as much these last few days as I’m use to do. I’m one of those many people who are hyped by the pokemon game. I never walked as much as I did these last few days, I might even start losing weight 🙂


The playgarden close to my home has a gym and several pokestops. As you can see it’s crowded there. I know this game has caused some dangerous situations, but here is no traffic, there are no houses with people we are bothering, I really think it’s very nice to meet so many neighbours.

Last week a few of you asked me to show some pages of the journal I’m working on. Here are 3 of them. I’m writing a lot too, but those pages I will not show on the blog. I didn’t mean to, but I’m telling far more personal things than I expected. I now have 17 pages done of 25. The end is near. When I have done all entries I will go back and add some background colors, washitape and stickers.


Finally, here is the desk. It’s messier than it was last few weeks, but I think you will like that. I’ve been coloring. For christmas I got a gift certificate from my work and I bought a beautiful wooden box filled with Derwent soft pencils. I have a thing for pretty packaging and these pencils are a nice quality. My husband gave me 3 coloring books and I bought 2 more. I think this will give me enough for a lifetime, but I keep seeing all these books with pretty images 🙂


I didn’t notice I took a picture of the box up-side-down. Also a picture of the coloring page I’m doing.

Other things on the to do list are the 13 goddesses. It’s really nice to notice sketching faces becomes more easy. if you want to see how my goddess looks this week, come back friday. I’m also working on a sky night painting, that I hope to finish this weekend. Not sure if I can manage that, because of a trip with my photography group.


For the Ever After class I’m still in the watching videos and thinking modus. Last weekend I visited the local museum and saw this painting. I knew this is what I want to do with my own paintings. I love the details inside the house, but I love even more how the outside is shown. I keep watching to this painting and asking myself questions: how are the 2 women related, do they go to that church, what is she reading? So even if I still haven’t done any real art for this class, it is keeping me busy.

The weekend


I admit, this paper wasn’t a blind draw. I made plans to go to the local museum with my friend weeks ago, when I heard about this exposition about glass art. I know this friend has a love for anything glass and I myself was just curious what could be done with glass.

We made it a nice afternoon, starting with lunch at this lovely lunchroom. It opened it’s doors very recently and all products are biologic. To think of that, we have many of these restaurants in Dordrecht with biological food.


We sat there for almost 2 hours because we had this much to chat about. We work together, seeing each other almost daily, but last few months we’ve been so busy there was hardly time to catch up. It has been raining a lot these last few weeks, so finding a fish in the streets wasn’t a big surpise. I really love this Pokemon Go game. If you play or start to play: be careful while crossing the streets, don’t only look at your phone.

The glass exposition was stunning. I had no idea this could be done with glass. And there where so many different styles and shapes. In the museum a movie played that teached about several methods to produce glass and showed some intervieuws with the artists about how they worked together with the craft master.

I also watched some video’s for the ever after class. I still haven’t done any artwork for it, because I want to finish some other projects first. I did do some soulsearching for the class about what kind of things I really really love and what kind of things are important to me. It would be very helpful in my time management if I stopped falling asleep. I guess I’m far more tired than I realise, as soon as I sit down and stop doing things with my hands I  fall asleep.


I started this coloring page. It will be a page in the summer journal I’m making. For the 25 prompts I have to answer I have done 15. The end is coming. It will be hard to say goodbye to it in a couple of weeks, I like it so much. Then again, I will receive a journal from someone else and I can’t wait to see it and read it. For some prompts I shared my deepest thoughts and it is a weird idea sort of a stranger will read those in a couple of weeks.


I’l be sharing this post with Our Beautiful World, where the theme is Play, with Creative Mondays and Our world Tuesday. Have a great start of a working week everybody!


Books, WOYWW

enhanced-20366-1395369612-7The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge is a hit on the internet. It’s about reading all the books that are mentioned in the Gilmore Girl TV serie. I’ve put up a page where you can find the list of books and my ideas about this challenge. If you would like to participate with in the challenge join me in this swap or use the MrLinky button to share your blogpost on the bottom of the bookchallenge page.


My stats at the beginning of the challenge:

  • 19 of 369 read
  • now reading: Hamlet by Shakespear
  • now reading: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

I have not done anything creative yet, but knowing me, this will come. You can’t be halfway if you just started.

Now on to the craft room. On july 1 the Ever After class I signed up for started and I wanted to create a nice workingspace for this. For my birthday I got an easel and I’m pretty sure I will use it in this class. Meaning: I need to clear the floor to get acces to the easel.


It’s not that bad, but since I’m in a cleaning mood those last few weeks I better take advantage of that. While I was working on that the bell rang and Ikea delivered the guestroom bed that I had ordered. Ofcourse that had to be put together first. It took me far more time than I imagined and when I had finished it I didn’t feel like continue with the craftroom. During the weekend I was away from home. I had a great time on Pitch festival in Amsterdam. Music is a different kind of creativity, I don’t know how to make it, but I love to listen and dance on it. Watching people making music is even more exiting than only listening to it. I had a wonderful time. It was a great weekend, but I didn’t have much time inside my craft room.

On my desk this wednesday you see the journal I was working on last week. I’m still working on it. It needs to have a minimum of 25 prompts, so it’s quite a task. I enjoy working on it, altough I sometimes feel a little nervous if I have it finished on time. I have 6 more weeks to work on, I think I can do this. The photo in front is for inside the journal. It’s of my weddingday, almost 12 years ago. Time flies!

I finished a lino carving and the tools for that are still on the desk. That’s how a mess starts, not putting away what you don’t need anymore 🙂

You also see a binder. Inside is my ever after workbook. Ever after is a mixed media painting class about fairy tales and if you want you can add an extra module to learn about your own style as an artist. I’m doing the extra module and I feel behind already. I did a little for the style development module, but I’m running out of time this week. And I underestimated the amount of video it would be. You do get a lot of content for your money.

Above you see my favorite bookpage in the journal, the lino cut I made and the frontpage of the ever after workbook. 3 things that really make me happy. Now I will visit LLJ to see some other desks. She is doing an amazing job covering for Julia, who is the official hostess of What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, but still is recovering from surgery.