A self loving self portrait

You have to value yourself to see why it is so important to take good care of yourself. I have the tendency to forget what I am worth, it’s so easy to put the needs of others before my own needs. It’s what I learned as a kid: be kind and help others. I don’t think my parents wanted me to neglect myself and feel bad about myself, they didn’t want me to be selfish. Caring for yourself isn’t selfish, knowing what you are worth isn’t being arrogant. You have to take care of yourself to be able to care for others and knowing what you’re good at makes all kind of processes run smoother.


This painting I made a few years ago. She doesn’t look like me, but she represents me. Above the hearts I wrote good qualities about myself. This weekend I will find time to make a new portrait and rethink about my qualities. I hope you join me and share your portrait on the facebook group.

Your portrait doesn’t have to look like you, you only have to feel some sort of connection to it. Maybe you’re not a drawing/painting person. That’s fine! You can make a collage portrait or copy or alter a photo of yourself. Anything that feels good for you.


Drawing and painting.

I’m still drawing for the 13 goddesses in 13 weeks challenge. It’s nice to give a face to these goddesses, but I might like reading about them even more. This week the theme is hinduism. I decided to take Sarasvati as my goddess.


Sarasvati stands for wisdom, knowledge and art. She represents the things I spend most of my free time at, it’s obvious I choose her. She mostly is shown with a musical instrument, but I decided to give her a brush to keep it close to myself. She is often accompanied by a swan and I want to draw 1 next to her. Perhaps also some books and staves as symbols of her powers. I didn’t find time to finish her. There is only 24 hours in a day. Sometimes I wished I didn’t need sleep. Although (or is it however?) last weekend the weather was really nice and I was sitting in the garden reading a book and I fell asleep. It was a very good nap and I woke up as a new person.

I did finish this small drawing of Amelie. It’s part of a journal I’m working on.


Amelie is a french movie. I think you could call her a quirky girl, but I’m not sure I understand that english word correct. It’s about love, in unusual ways. Here is the trailer if you’re interested. I know the movie can be seen on the dutch netflix, I don’t know for other countries.

You can find more paintings and drawings at Paint Party Friday



It’s wednesday, time to share what I’m working on and how my desk looks. Other participants can be found at LLJ. I haven’t done as much these last few days as I’m use to do. I’m one of those many people who are hyped by the pokemon game. I never walked as much as I did these last few days, I might even start losing weight 🙂


The playgarden close to my home has a gym and several pokestops. As you can see it’s crowded there. I know this game has caused some dangerous situations, but here is no traffic, there are no houses with people we are bothering, I really think it’s very nice to meet so many neighbours.

Last week a few of you asked me to show some pages of the journal I’m working on. Here are 3 of them. I’m writing a lot too, but those pages I will not show on the blog. I didn’t mean to, but I’m telling far more personal things than I expected. I now have 17 pages done of 25. The end is near. When I have done all entries I will go back and add some background colors, washitape and stickers.


Finally, here is the desk. It’s messier than it was last few weeks, but I think you will like that. I’ve been coloring. For christmas I got a gift certificate from my work and I bought a beautiful wooden box filled with Derwent soft pencils. I have a thing for pretty packaging and these pencils are a nice quality. My husband gave me 3 coloring books and I bought 2 more. I think this will give me enough for a lifetime, but I keep seeing all these books with pretty images 🙂


I didn’t notice I took a picture of the box up-side-down. Also a picture of the coloring page I’m doing.

Other things on the to do list are the 13 goddesses. It’s really nice to notice sketching faces becomes more easy. if you want to see how my goddess looks this week, come back friday. I’m also working on a sky night painting, that I hope to finish this weekend. Not sure if I can manage that, because of a trip with my photography group.


For the Ever After class I’m still in the watching videos and thinking modus. Last weekend I visited the local museum and saw this painting. I knew this is what I want to do with my own paintings. I love the details inside the house, but I love even more how the outside is shown. I keep watching to this painting and asking myself questions: how are the 2 women related, do they go to that church, what is she reading? So even if I still haven’t done any real art for this class, it is keeping me busy.

Music, goddess and geocaching

It’s friday, the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. I would like to start with something I did last friday. Sometimes weeks go by so fast you need to do some catching up.


linking this to Our Beautiful World.

Last weekend I was at Pitch Festival in Amsterdam. This electronic music event is held in the Westerpark including the Westergas fabric and some other buildings. It’s all about electronic music and it must be made live. These guys in the photo gave a perfect example of how to do this. Visitors could walk around the stage and see what happened. You could also ask questions to them. I was amazed about what sounds you can make using only buttons and wires. And those men knew what they where doing. I think if my teachers had used this kind of machine in physics I had much more enjoyed those lessons.

How much I loved the modulair machine, my most beloved discovery was Sofie Letitre. She reminds me of Portishead. And I got to see DJ Shadow. It feels I know his music forever and this was the first time I saw him preform. It was nice, but also a little disappointing. I guess my expectations where too big.


Linking this to Our Beautiful World

The inside of the Westergas fabric is a little intimidating. It’s huge, it’s urban, it’s cement and iron. In the past this was a storage container for gas, now it’s used for all sort of events. It is perfect for music with a bass because of it’s round shape. You can feel the bass hit your body.

After the weekend I needed a little time to rest. My muscles hurted and the lack of sleep didn’t do me good. But some good sleep and I was good to go to my craft room again. I worked on a new goddess and a journal entry.

The theme for the goddess was egyptian. I choose to draw and paint Bastet. She had a female body and the head of a cat. She first was responsible for sun eclipses, but somehow she became the protector of women and the sun became the moon, because of the moon cyclus women have.

I painted her using only red, yellow, blue, black and white acrylic paints. I’m a little more happy about the painting than I was last time, but I decided I really don’t like this paper. I will give it a try with watercolor. I have used this paper before, but then I first collaged the paper before adding paint. That’s an option too. It will be used.

Every now and then I draw a paper out my summer jar. I don’t do it as often as I expected, life is more busy than I thought. This time it said Go geocaching. I made a little adjustment and didn’t use an official route. There is a new pokemon game to play on your smartphone. To find pokemon you need to walk outdoor with the game open. If you find 1 you see this creature in the real enviroment. It sounded geeky, I’m not a pokemon fan, but this was really nice. It adds something extra in taking a walk trough the neighbourhood.

13 goddesses in 13 weeks #5


I heal by making art. Hearing the sad news about the airport in Istanbul made me grab my brushes and gelliplate. I hope and wish this was the last attack the world has to face. My heart goes out to all who are hurt and who have to miss loved ones.

Besides healing art brings me joy. The fifth theme is Native American. It seems every tribe has it own gods and goddesses, it took some time to choose 1. I know a little about Nordic and Greek mythology, but all the others are new to me, I have to search the internet to find a goddess and a story.




I found this image of an indian woman online and used it as my reference to draw my picture. I think this woman is beautiful. She looks proud and secure. That’s how a goddess should look. The comments below the image say she is probably Cherokee. With me she will be Hutash, goddess of the earth and special protector of the Chumash tribe.



Hutash created people who lived on the island Santa Cruz. When her husband gave the people fire the life of the people became much easier. More and more people where born and their chattering kept Hutash awake at night. She decided the people should live all over the world. To let the people leave the island she created a rainbow bridge. Some people crossed the bridge safely, but some fell off. Hutash didn’t want the people to drown and she turned them into dolphins.


Last few years in february I have joined 29 faces. Last february I practised a lot of drawing with a photo as a reference with a grit method. I learned a lot from that. Now I drawed without a grit and I’m amazed to see how much progress I’ve made since I started drawing. Practise does help!

I didn’t got time to paint Hutash. I’ve been cleaning and organizing the attick. It’s room for storage, but I also do laundry there and I want it to be a place where guests can sleep (more honestly, we need an escape for snorring spouses). The Ikea bed was delivered and had to be put together. It took much longer than I thought. But the attick is coming along and so is my craftroom. I’ll be joining Ever After and have set up my workspace. It was a week of cleaning. If anyone is interested in paper napkins let me know and I’ll sent you some. I have more than I will ever use and throwing them away seems a waste.

Linking this to paint party friday and show your face. Have a nice start of the weekend and go see what others have made.




13 goddesses in 13 weeks

Kai-Zen doodles is hosting a nice challenge: Create 13 goddesses in 13 weeks. For each week she gives a part of the world that has it’s own mythical stories and within those stories you can choose your goddess. Any medium is welcome and I saw some nice ideas on the Facebook group. I jumped in on week 4 (will do the first 3 after the last) and the theme is Semetic. Growing up in a christian family I never realized that part of the world has it’s own mythology as well, although I have read stories of 1001 night.


Meet Tiamat. Before the world was as we know it, there was a different world, containing of water only. Tiamat and her husband ruled this world and there lived 3 generations of Gods. Tiamat was mother of most of them. She was very fertile, a giant and fierce. She looks like a dragon or a sea snake and haves antlers. When her lover is murdered she gives birth to many sea monsters. The other gods get scared by this and 1 of those gods attacks her. He wins and she is divided in 2 pieces and becomes the earth and heaven as we know it.

I sketched Tiamat and 1 of her baby dragons. She must have been angry or sad at the time, but I don’t know how to draw emotions (time to learn). I’m pleased with the drawing and wanted to paint it.


Last year I took an acrylic paint class where in we could only use yellow, red, blue, black and white as colors. To challenge myself I went by that pallet again, also adding some metallic bronze (I love to use that in my faces for shading) Mixing the paints went pretty good. Skin color is a little hard to make and it turned out to be a little too much orange, but I could live with that. A while ago I bought new paper to paint on, sturdy mixed media quality and that I had used for my sketch. I don’t know if it’s the paper or if I added too much or too little water, but painting became a disaster.


I know best thing to do is to keep trying and adding paint. It wouldn’t be the first time a horrible start ends pretty nice. But at this moment I’m too disappointed in my skills. And I leave it for now. I start with the next goddess and maybe I finish this at the end or I make a new painting. For now I will test my paints on this paper to figure out how much water to add and should I add gesso first or not. I really like the quality of this paper and I hope I figure how to work on it best. Watercolors do well on it, so it’s not wasted, but it would be nice if acrylics would do well too.

Linking this to paint party friday, a great place to start the weekend and to see more painting and drawing.



I love to visit pinterest and posts about craft rooms. Other people rooms always look so nice and tidy and clean. I have a craft room too and I’m very happy to have  1. But it never looks nice and tidy and clean. I decided it was time to rearrange my closets and boxes. To not get overwhelmed I’m doing it step by step.


Starting with the above shelves. I didn’t even know what was inside of some of these boxes. I found a huge pile of old mail. ATC and other handmade treasures will go into a binder, I decided to throw away the letters, I don’t have enough space to keep them all. I also found my unfinished felt christmas stable. To finish it will be a project for this year, it’s really cute with the figures as matroesjka dolls. Old fabric that I will never use and don’t feel comfortable to give away to others is in the bin. And at the end I had almost 1 shelve empty. I’ve put my paint supplies over there. Those where now all around the room and it’s good to have a dedicated place for them and still easy acces. Also the perlerbeads you see in front are now inside the closet.


This is it, all tidy. It still looks messy 🙂 I suppose it would look better if all boxes looked the same. But buying these boxes costs a fortune! This will do for now. At least I know what is inside those boxen and I know I use it regular.


And the desk: In front you see a postcard I’m making. I received an enveloppe with goodies  and had to make something with that. I made a collage with almost all paper I received and used paint and stamps to make it more uniform. Finishing it with a cute girl on top. On the back you see some polaroids with embroidery on it. I have a huge pile of polaroids and wanted to use them in my art. My husband and I like to do photography. Besides our phones and real digital cameras we also have a bunch of old polaroid cameras we use often. It will take a long time before I run out of polaroids. You can also see a few more stamps I made. Since last week I’m hooked. And I found a lot of inspiration what else to do with linoleum besides making normal stamps. Now all I need is a lot of time to do it all.

More desks you can see here.