Welcome to see my desk. Be prepared, it’s a huge mess! I’ve been working on some christmas cards and didn’t clean between several projects. Luckily I’m good at working on top of a pile 🙂


I warned you! On the bottom you see the card om working on right now. It has a paper embroidery border that is raised from the paper below. In the square wil come some glitter, like a shaker card.

On the right bottom you see my new weekly diary for 2017. It’s the same brand as I used this year. On the left pages are weekly planners and on the right you can write down notes. It was a real helpful planning tool last year and I hope it will be next year too. First appointments are written in it as well. It’s good to have something to look forward to.


And 3 more christmas themed atc I’ve made. This is the last part of the atc advent calendar I did for a swap. It was a great project, challenging to come up with this many designs and fun because I already received some cards and play by the rules so I haven’t seen them yet, but I wish I did. Ofcourse nobody knows if I do open them now, but it will spoil the advent fun.

If you would like to see more desks, please visit Julia.



8 gedachtes over “WOYWW390

  1. Happy Belated WOYWW. That is a pile! Your new planner looks great. I bought a cheap ‘academic year’ one in the summer (because it had a Jack Russell on the front!), so that lasts through until next summer. It has one page for each weekday, so plenty of room to write all that I need. I am on a strict budget, so not getting a more expensive A4 planner like I used to. Ali x #32


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