Winter Blues

Does your mood get affected by winter? How do you coop with that?

At the end of september I started to see it: light came later in the mornings and dark came earlier in the evenings. It still was warm and slowly the leaves started to turn yellow and red. O my, I love autumn, everything is so beautiful! I went outside a lot, searching for mushrooms and other typical autumn treasures and life was good. But then the clock was set from daylight saving time to regular time. When I get up in the morning it’s still dark and when I come home from work there is about 1 hour daylight left. The rain came and the wind and there was the first time I had to scratch off the ice of my car. It’s cold and it doesn’t matter how much I heat the house I keep feeling cold. I want to sleep (a lot) and I want to eat, preferably things with lots of fat and sugar (also a lot). My skin is itching and I know it will start bleeding soon. It’s only november, winter hasn’t begon for real and that is scaring me. How will I survive this years winter? And please, please don’t be too cold or rainy or snowy. Oh I know this feeling. Hello Winter Blues, really, you don’t have to pay me a visit each year.


This isn’t new and I have a survival plan. I know I have to take good care of myself: eat healthy and regular, find things to look forward to, things to enjoy, give myself enough rest and stay active. This seems to be easy, but it costs a great amount of energy. I was searching the internet for more tips, but had a hard time to find new ones. I found 1 about taking vitamin D supplements. This is the vitamin we get from sunlight. I’ve never taken that before and it’s worth a shot. Another tip was to embrace the season. Yes! Changing my mindset would definitely be a great idea and probably work very good. But how do I do that?


I read something about affirmations. If I understand correct these are lines you repeatedly tell yourself. Words to live by. I believe in the power of words.  And I do think that how you speak about something influences how you experience that something.

So I will try to find positive words for this time a year. Everything better than a depressed ‘here we go again’ and I’m going to make a list of positive things of wintertime.


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