5 (or 6) parts of your being that need care

Welcome back in my Self Care journey. Last week I came up with a list of things I could/should/would do daily to take care of myself. I tried to take at least 10 minutes a day to be in silence, but it’s much harder than I imagined. Building up a new routine will take some time. I try to forgive myself for not being perfect.


This week I want to look at the bigger picture. There are a lot of things that are good for our (mental) health we don’t need to do every day. Things that are too time consuming or too expensive to do very often. Other things are nice for weekends, but not for working days or maybe they are not offered every day. Besides doing everything everyday might be a little stressful 🙂 I’ve found 2 blogposts about the different aspects of our lives that all need to be cared for. In this post are 5 elements and in this post there are 6. I think the first link is easier to read and the categories are easier to understand, but the second link also has the element professional and since I work a lot of my time I think it is important to look at that aspect as well and I like the wheel. So I created my own wheel with the subjects of the first link + proffesion. I wrote in dutch, my own language feels more real than english does. It’s easier to find the right meaning of a word in your own language.



I like how everything in life is divided in categories and thinking about the things I do to feel satisfied in all these areas made me happy. Rest of the week I keep thinking about these aspects and fill the wheel more. I suggest you make 1 too, it will help you to set priorities in the future. And 3 more circles as inspiration. Just make 1 that you feel good about. You don’t have to make a wheel, you can make separate lists if you prefer.

I also made a habit tracker. This was a bit tricky to me. I have so many habits I would like to change, do more or less of them, and the list became longer and longer and I started feeling overwhelmed and demotivated. I reminded myself I am allowed to make these changes step by step and made a new list with things that are important now.


It’s in dutch again, sorry for that. My 6 categories of the weel are now 4 categories. I’ve combined intellectual with spiritual and called it mind. I see the difference between those categories, but I feel both of them feed the mind. Maybe I’m wrong, future will teach me. Then there is a list with chores and basic body care. For a lot of people these are obvious things to do like: shower, eat 3 meals, make the bed, do the dishes etc. To me they are not that obvious, I neglect a lot of things when I’m not feeling to well. I can’t find the energy to do those things, but I know they will give me twice a much energy if I do them. The last part of habits are the things I had put on my daily self care list of last week.

Every day I take a moment to cross of the things I’ve done that day. I think about what I have done for my body, mind and soul (probably the best summary of the categories) and I write a few things in a log. With this tool I hope to teach myself to do some basic stuff. It will also help me to track how often I do certain things. This list will probably change every month.

What do you do to take care of you in every aspect of your life? Do you think a habit tracker could help you too? And something to look forward to: Now I’ve made my goals clear I want to dive in the actual care taking part, this thursday a creative care post will come online.


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