O my! I think we are now visiting the most beautiful country of the world. Seems every picture of Namibia is stunning! I’m so glad I took this passport challenge and get to see all this beauty. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to see it for real.


People have lived in Namibia for a very long time. I try to discover how old these rock engravings are, besides the 6000 BC that is said in the linked website I also find 300 BC and even 27000 BC. I don’t know what is true, fact is they are very very old.

During the European colonization of the world the biggest part of Namibia belonged to Germany. After the end of WW1 this area was given to the UK, under the administration of South Africa. South African laws where implemented, including apartheid. At the end of the 1950’s the first movements for independence are formed. It took until 1990 to become an independent nation.


The official language is english, but only 2 % of the inhabitants speak english as their mother language. The language that connect the several tribes is afrikaans. 80-90% of the people have a christian religion. The capital is named Windhoek and you can find desert, savanne and wetlands in Namibia. So far for the facts, if you like to read more go here.

I have watched this documentary by National Geographic, again I can not believe how beautiful this country is.


According to this blog this risotto is food from Namibia, because of the colonization a lot of european flavors are added to the Namibian kitchen. It was a good meal with a nice combination of sweet and sour.

Again I could not find books about a country. My library is disappointing me. I did found a novel as an ebook about a man telling his story to a prostitute in the capital of Namibia. I downloaded it, but hadn’t time to read it.


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