My desk last night. Going trough my sketchbooks I found this big eyed girl and she was screaming to get some color. I gave her a fast layer of color with my new water soluble crayons. They where a gift and I love them. The pile of magazines I still need to read on the left top is growing. I’m looking forward to christmas vacation and have time to go trough them, only 7 more weeks!

The notebook you see is my idea of a journal. It’s not really an art journal, it’s not really a diary but sort of combination of those 2. It gives me the opportunity to practise some art, to jot down my ideas, to write about the things I want to remember and to do some soul searching. I’m using a little book called “1000 questions to ask yourself” that was given by a magazine. It’s very helpful in a self care project I started. Life is speeding by and I don’t feel good about that. I want to be more aware of what I feel and do and I want to get things done and I want to take better care of myself. If you feel the same you might be interested in this blogpost and join me.


I’m really amazed how well those crayons color. This is just the first layer of color. I use more layers to try to get some shading in her. I don’t pay much attention to the first layer, it’s more a step to get away from that scary ‘and now I’m going to use paint, can’t erase that’ feeling.


And some more atc I made for an advent calendar. It’s challenging to come up with so many designs. And I can’t wait to see what I received. Counting down to christmas will be so much fun this year.


11 gedachtes over “WOYWW 388

  1. The drawing/painting of the girl just reminds me of someone I know, it is uncanny how like her it is. I thought for one minute it was a drawing of Carol, strange.
    Love the atc’s you have been making, the die for the centre one is gorgeous, I have never seen that one before.
    Have a great week
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx


  2. I think you’re very right, things go by so quickly and it’s a great idea to try to be more mindful about things. I like the idea of your Journal, art or not! I too like the watercolour pastels, they really are so use-able!


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