Simple daily self care

Now I know how my days look like and what I do on those days it is time to start thinking about the things I want for me. I found this blogpost and I think it is helpful for the next step, I suggest you read it.

Stop putting potion in your body. Ofcourse this makes sense. I wouldn’t drink arsenic, I know that’s bad for me. But I love my sigarettes, cafeine, wine and sugar. Last spring I did a 10 day detox. It was all about super healthy eating, lots of vegetables, no meat, no caffeine or alcohol, no sugar or glutes, taking special showers and drink lots of water and ginger tea. Joining the program I received a mealplan + recipes so it wasn’t too hard to do since everything was written and planned for me. All I had to do was follow the directions. I learned I sleep much better without caffeine and alcohol and my stomach is much more at ease without using milk. Drinking a lot of water keeps away candy cravings and getting enough vitamins gives me energy. But that was last spring and now I drink my coffee again, forget to drink extra water and I enjoy my glass of wine. But I have experienced not having these things are making me feel better. I will drink only 1 cup of coffee a day, drink enough water and wine is only for the weekends. And yes I do know I have to quit smoking, but that idea freaks me out! I’m not willing to give it up.

Self care list. Things to do on a daily basis to take care of myself. Some of these things I don’t do (often) right now, but I think they will help me.

  • get enough sleep
  • eat 3 meals
  • drink enough water
  • brush my teeth
  • shower
  • use bodylotion/hand cream
  • be in silence
  • write in my gratitude journal
  • read
  • be in a clean/tidy enviroment
  • reflect the day
  • drink a chai chocolate milk (in a pretty cup)
  • do yoga
  • draw/doodle

Priorities. This is hard, I think I need all of the above things. But after thinking about how much influence those things will have I come to this list. Doing this will teach me if this is the right path for me. If not I can make changes to it. Trial and Error. I had doubt about the gratitude journal, because I committed doing it for 30 days. Making it a need gives me the feeling of it being a must. That can’t be good. Taking care of yourself is also accepting that sometimes your commitments can not be done. I am permitted to make mistakes. fullsizeoutput_13e

Make your needs non-negotiable. Sure, but how? Sleep and brushing my teeth are already my daily routine, don’t have to change that. I will put a bottle of water and a tube of hand cream in my bag so that I can use it any time I want. I will set an alarm for lunch and at work I go to the canteen and not stay at my desk. Finding silence is the hard part. At work there are all sorts of machines buzzing and people talking. At home my husband is listening to music, playing videogames, watching tv. I think the attic is silence. I go there for 10 minutes a day.

Use your energy wisely, Be ambitious, but don’t overwhelm yourself. I think those are more tips for the trial and error section. I start doing these things and see if it works for me.

What are your needs, wants and bonuses? How do you incorporate them in your daily life?

I think this post and the previous 2 are enough to think about in 1 week. It is now time to start doing. Please share your experiences of making self care a part of your daily routine and the things you’re thankful for on the facebook group.




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  1. I think one of the most spiritual times to be alone is at dawn…. to see the morning sun breaking through bringing warmth and listening to the birds. I haven’t done that in many years. I think I just may get up early tomorrow morning and take my dog for a very eary walk. 🙂


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