These are my tasks

Today I will make a list of tasks and obligations I have in my life. These are the things that fill my schedule. Again there is no right or wrong, simply a lists of things I do now, my starting point.

  • Housekeeping
    • cleaning kitchen, garbage, laundry, dishes, keeping it tidy, vacuum
  • Pets
    • nurture, play, litter, opening doors
  • Administration
    • paying bills, making calls, sorting papers
  • Cooking
    • making mealplan, do groceries, preparing food
  • Family and Friends
    • helping out, social calls, visiting, birthday gifts, celebrations and traditions, social media
  • Maintenance
    • gutter cleaning, garage, painting, repairing, garden
  • Other
    • dentist, hairdresser
  • Me time
    • swapbot, reading, learning, craft/art, watch tv, gym, theatre, concerts, walking, videogames, photography, visiting markets/musea, blogging

I’m sure I’m forgetting things, but my mind is getting blanc. I don’t think this is an extraordinary list of things to do. Many people will have a much larger list of things to do (I think). The amount of things you have to do tells us nothing about how well we take care of ourself or how much time we have to take care of ourself.


A lot of things on my list I consider to be part of self care even if they aren’t fun. Paying bills isn’t a thing I like doing (I rather spend my money on art supplies), but having a roof over my head, having electricity and running water are things I really need and appreciate, I would feel a lot of stress if I couldn’t pay those bills. (I know there are many people have problems paying those bills and I don’t know a solution for that. I do realize my feelings are first world problems and that I am blessed that my problems are only feelings).

To become more aware of the good side of life I will start a Gratitude Journal. This probably be nothing fancy, a simple list of things I’m grateful for. I pledge to write down 3 things I’m grateful for on a daily base for the next 30 days.

What are your tasks/things you do in life right now? Are you feeling alright with them or are you feeling overwhelmed or lazy with them? Can you see how tasks you don’t like are helping you with caring of yourself? Do you have or start a gratitude journal?



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