While most people use to summer to travel, we took a break of traveling. But on we go with our tour around the world and this time we travelled to Macedonia, or the Republic of Macedonia to be more precise. Macedonia used to be a part of Yugoslavia and became independed in 1991. Greece has a state named Macedonia and to avoid confusion the country has gotten republic in front of its name.


Republic of Macedonia has a long history. It was part of the Roman empire, Byzantine empire, Ottoman empire and than federation Yugoslavia. At first Macedonia didn’t notice much about the wars going on in Yugoslavia, until the Kosovo war in 1999. Read all about Macedonias history here.


The capital is named Skopje and Greece prefers to use this name for the country. 70% of the people have an orthodox religion, 28% is muslim, leaving 2% for something else. It’s a country surrounded by other countries, no sea or ocean at it’s borders.

I have watched this movie on youtube. It’s a good promotion for tourism I think, I want to go for real now. I couldn’t find any books about or situated in Macedonia in my library, not even a simple travelguide. That was disapointing, but only the first time this library couldn’t help me.

I cooked this recipe. Anything called pizza is worth a try. And it was good! I will make this once more and add some veggies to it. I’m not really a bread maker, anything that needs a dough intimidates me. For this I was sure it didn’t work, because after waiting the dough wasn’t twice its size as before, but it tasted fine.

I liked this trip trough the Republic of Macedonia. It was sometimes hard to find information because google results get mixed up with Macedonia of Greece and often I got results about Albania. But I had fun again and am happy the challenge continues.


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