Journal of me #1

In the journal of me I’ll explore my daily life, my memories and my dreams for the future by using a prompt. Prompt #1: Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.

I’m a fan of Keri Smith. I love her books and I love how she helps me to find adventure in my daily routine. A while ago I discovered her book The Wander Society. It’s not really like her other books that give you lots of assignments (but there are a few) and it’s not a novel either. It tells Keri’s search for the Wandering Society after finding some writing in an old book. It’s about not logging in on social media, but go out and see the world, feel the world, connecting to your own thoughts.

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I didn’t really read anything I didn’t know (unless the existence of this society and I’m not even sure if this society is real or this is an invention of Keri, but that doesn’t really matter) but it did made me realize that a few years ago I loved to go outside, watching birds and see the change of seasons. I hadn’t done that for ages and I miss it. Walking trough nature helps me to lower my stress level, it makes me happy! So today I went for a walk.

It was a bit of a chilly day, but I had committed myself to take this walk. I went to a place not too far from home. As a kid my parents took me here to find mushrooms or swim in the lake. It’s an interesting area with a lot of nature, but it’s not really natural. It shows how this area looked like before industry and technology took over our lives.You can see how people have used nature to build houses and find food. I spent most of my time in the wood area, but there is also a large polder/claimed land. Walking here made me feel good and relaxed. I must remember this and go out more! 


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