Your Healthy Life in 21 days

Last spring 1 of my facebook friends posted a message about a vegan detox she was going to do. I love food and cooking and am interested in any diet or food challenge. That doesn’t mean I always agree with the ideas, but I do like to think and chat about anything food related. Ofcourse I messaged her and after some thought (vegan is also no cheese *shock*) I decided I would join this 10 day program as well. I loved it! I didn’t loose weight and I didn’t feel much better compared to my normal diet, but the food was delicious! I really didn’t know you could cook this tasty with only vegetables, seeds and nuts. I didn’t continue eating vegan, but I do eat a lot more veggies and my meat and dairy consumption has reduced a lot. When I noticed a new program would start in september I had no doubt at all and joined.

If you are interested in this program (written in dutch)  you can find it here. You will receive menu’s and recipes for 3 weeks (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). There are also some recipes to make your own beauty products, a few yoga and meditation classes and a lot of information about healthy eating. You also receive acces to a private facebook group that is pretty active and fun. In case you are worried to find all sorts of animal activists in that group: you don’t. Yes you will find veganists in this group, but also vegetarians and people who eat everything edible. We focus on healthy habits about food and lifestyle, but having a different opinion is totally fine.

Within those 21 days I’ve had some mixed feelings. 21 days is a lot more than 10 days and I’ve had some hard moments. Right before this program I was on vacation in Turkey, with all the delicious food Turkey has to offer and I really needed to detox from it. That’s nothing new to me, but not being able to eat by my normal habits made it a bit more difficult. After 5 days of only vegan (and very healthy) food I wanted meat or at least french fries. I really struggled with this until I promised myself I could have fries if I had finished the first 7 days. On day 7 there was rice cooked in coconutmilk and this took away my need for greasy food. In the second week I was offered a sandwich with kroket, a dutch snack that is filled with a stew of meat and I ate it before I realised I couldn’t have it. The third week I went over to a friend for dinner and she had cooked me a delicious meal with chicken. She didn’t know I was in this program and I ate it without complains. It was really good 🙂

Now the 21 days are over and eating this way feels normal. I have been thinking about becoming a real vegetarian or vegan. But every time I think of it I feel some resist: but then I will never be able to eat cheese again and eating in a restaurant will be more complicated and I always have to think about what I eat. I decided I will not rename my eating habits. At home I already cooked with less meat and dairy. I try to cook without any of these products at home, but I will eat everything when I eat out of the house. And if I’m really in the mood for some cheese or meat I will make it for myself. Now it’s a choice and not forbidden to eat animal products and I think it will make it easier for me to stay on track.


Een gedachte over “Your Healthy Life in 21 days

  1. Ik denk dat dat een hele verstandige houding is. Ik eet al 20 jaar geen vlees meer (pescotarier) en de laatste jaren ook geen vis meer thuis.
    We reizen veel en het kan inderdaad erg lastig zijn. Ik probeer altijd iets zonder vis te vinden, maar als het echt niet anders kan eet ik dat nog wel buiten de deur.
    Dochterlief is wel een echte vegetarier en gaat ook steeds meer de vegan kant op.
    Echt vegan zal ik niet worden, want ik wil heel af en toe wel kaas/ei/honing enz eten, maar ik probeer dan wel weer zoveel mogelijk soyaprodukten te kopen melk/yoghurt/kookroom.
    Van de week kreeg ik de nieuwe Allerhande en het viel me op dat vegetarish/vegan echt een opmars aan het maken is. Er is nu ook heel veel keuze in van alles en nog wat, als ik dat vergelijk met 20 jaar geleden hahaha
    Nou zoals je ziet ‘klets’ ik ook graag over eten 🙂


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