I’ve been feeling very stressed lately. It affected my mood and last week I decided something had to change. So I rescheduled my agenda and planned in some me-time today. I started this morning with a yoga class, what was nice,on the way home I bought myself some pretty flowers and after that I turned my bathroom into a spa. Long shower and many many creams, I feel reborn. Lovely. It was also a celebration because last sunday I got rid of a big stress maker. Oh yes, I finished the summer journal and it is now traveling to Australia. It has 28 prompts and 28 pieces of arts and crafts. It was a big task and I don’t think I will ever do it again (I’ve said that before, I should remember these kind of things)


So here is how my desk looked last sunday. You can see the journal on the left bottom. What else is there, hmm a lot. There are paints and inks and stencils. Stickers, washi. Pretty much everything I used to decorate the journal. I’m so relieved it’s finished and I’m so happy with the result. This was a major thing, I hated it, I stressed about it and it was all worth it!


Some of the pages in the journal. Reading the prompts made my head pop with all these ideas of how I could make something about it. I mostly kept it simple with colored pencil and a lot of washi tape. Washi makes everything look good.


Besides the journal the swap also requested some tea and goodies. I wrapped the goodies, because I think everybody likes to open a present. Oh I so hope my partner likes this. Can you tell I’m feeling nervous about this 🙂


I’ve cleaned the desk and started with 2 new projects. These don’t have deadlines and I can work on it as I please. I started playing the Pokemon go game and fell in love with the characters. My husband is searching the attick for his cards from long time ago. We kind of forgot about Pokemon, but it’s all coming back. Then I found this cross stitch patern. It’s all first generation Pokemon in 1 project. It’s huge! My mom was a real cross stitcher, she loved doing it and had a huge stash of yarn and fabric and extra tools. All this is now at my place, collecting dust. I went trough it and I have enoug yarn and a big enough piece of fabric to make 1 epic pokemon generation 1. Let’s do this!

If you look closely to the picture you see a sketch laying under a pile of yarn in the top left corner. I finally started with the ever after class. Only 1 month late and the new lessons are online now. If I remember correct the lessons can be vieuwed until november and they all can be downloaded. I’m taking my time for this. I do hope for some more sunny days this summer that I rather spent outdoor instead of painting and this class would be perfect for autumn and winter.

I end todays post with my flowers. They are a pale pinkish almost white color. I love them! More desks can be seen at Julia. And I wish all of you a creative and relaxing week.


5 gedachtes over “WOYWW 374

  1. Wow what an amazing post, glad I read up to the Pokémon bit as I am playing that too. Never done it before and only got 22 so far but being house bound with horrid female issues that is holding me back somewhat. Just got my latest at the hospital going for an appointment about my wrist which they had no record of – what a pickle! Love the flowers and the journal is EPIC well done.BJ#9


  2. That journal sounds like a huge undertaking! I know what you mean about stressing about it! Anything with a deadline stresses me out – and also thoughts like “Is my swap partner going to like it” etc? But it’s a good feeling sending it off and waiting for theirs to arrive in return. Enjoy the rest of your summer! zsuzsa ~ inkydinkydoodle #21


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