The Book Challenge

enhanced-20366-1395369612-7 I’m not reading like Rory, but I’m doing my best. On this page you can read what this challenge is all about and you can find a list of all books that are mentioned in the Gilmore Girls tv show. I started reading e-books on my phone, but after only half a book I treated myself on an e-reader. I got a kobo glo and so far I love it. I find Project Gutenberg a great source for many free e-books. Those books are old, the copyright is expired.

  • read/listened: 20/369.
  • now reading: Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (in english)
  • now listening: Sense and sensibility by Jane Austen (in dutch)

HAMLET  is the last book I’ve read, or actually listened to. It’s written by William Shakespeare, published in 1603 and it’s a tragic play. I have listened to the first published audiobook in dutch. This can be found in the dutch library as a free book (note for dutch readers: you don’t have to be a member of the library to listen to the free books, the app can be downloaded for free and installed on your phone)

Very short summary: Hamlet is the prince of Denmark. His father is dead, his uncle is now king and his mother has married the brother of her late husband. A ghost who looks a lot like Hamlet’s father appears and tells he was murdered. Hamlet must revenge this murder and keep in mind his mother will be punished by God. A theatre crew gives a show at the castle and Hamlet uses them to find evidence his uncle murdered his dad. Love is driving people crazy. A war is about to start. Friends can’t be trusted. People die.

My expectations of this book where low. I expected I would have a hard time understanding this story. It wasn’t too bad because I did this in my own language. Still I am thinking about the deeper meaning of the story. I understand Hamlet is deeply sad for the loss of his dad and doesn’t get much opportunity to mourn. I also understand why this story is a popular play, it’s full of intrigues, kind of like a soap opera. There is a widow who marries again too soon for her son to accept. There are friends who do not have the best interest for their friends. There is a lovestory with an unhappy end. It’s an old fashioned the Bold and the Beautiful. But what do we learn from this story? I don’t know. I did enjoy the story and I never expected Hamlet himself would die too. I liked listening to the audiobook, every character had his/her own voice and it was like being a kid again, full excitement what would happen next.

I would recommend this book to others. It’s not very hard to read and it’s not a long story. Also it’s a classic that anyone should have read. This was my first book written by Shakespear and I’m looking forward to read his other books.




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