During the 14th century the kingdom Lan Xang is formed. This country survived a couple of centuries and is the base of modern Laos. It falls apart in 3 countries and those are conquered by France in 1893. They call it Laos.During world war 2 Laos is taken by Japan, when this war ends the French come back. Laos becomes independend in 1954.


Laos gets involved in the Vietnam war by helping the Americans. In the border area between Laos and Vietnam more bombs are dropped then on Germany and Japan together in WW2. This area still isn’t very safe because of this. Further Laos is a safe country to travel, altough the roads are bad and public transportation isn’t very well organised.


The largest religion is buddhism. There are 2 official Unesco sites. If you travel in Laos be careful for your health, healthcare is very rare.

I’ve watched this documentary about Hmong people. WARNING: it’s a very unpleasant documentary to see, there is a lot of cruelty against those people and the images are very raw. The reason why these people are treaten this bad has to do with the Vietnam war. According to Laos government they choose the wrong side and needed to be punished. I can get that, but I don’t understand why a child must be butchered for this in 2000something. You can read more about Hmong culture and history here.


For cooking I tried another springroll/eggroll recipe. I like making this kind of food, wrapping things is fun. They split open during the baking part, but the taste was good. I did like the cambodian version a little better.


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