Drawing and painting.

I’m still drawing for the 13 goddesses in 13 weeks challenge. It’s nice to give a face to these goddesses, but I might like reading about them even more. This week the theme is hinduism. I decided to take Sarasvati as my goddess.


Sarasvati stands for wisdom, knowledge and art. She represents the things I spend most of my free time at, it’s obvious I choose her. She mostly is shown with a musical instrument, but I decided to give her a brush to keep it close to myself. She is often accompanied by a swan and I want to draw 1 next to her. Perhaps also some books and staves as symbols of her powers. I didn’t find time to finish her. There is only 24 hours in a day. Sometimes I wished I didn’t need sleep. Although (or is it however?) last weekend the weather was really nice and I was sitting in the garden reading a book and I fell asleep. It was a very good nap and I woke up as a new person.

I did finish this small drawing of Amelie. It’s part of a journal I’m working on.


Amelie is a french movie. I think you could call her a quirky girl, but I’m not sure I understand that english word correct. It’s about love, in unusual ways. Here is the trailer if you’re interested. I know the movie can be seen on the dutch netflix, I don’t know for other countries.

You can find more paintings and drawings at Paint Party Friday



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