It’s wednesday, time to share what I’m working on and how my desk looks. Other participants can be found at LLJ. I haven’t done as much these last few days as I’m use to do. I’m one of those many people who are hyped by the pokemon game. I never walked as much as I did these last few days, I might even start losing weight 🙂


The playgarden close to my home has a gym and several pokestops. As you can see it’s crowded there. I know this game has caused some dangerous situations, but here is no traffic, there are no houses with people we are bothering, I really think it’s very nice to meet so many neighbours.

Last week a few of you asked me to show some pages of the journal I’m working on. Here are 3 of them. I’m writing a lot too, but those pages I will not show on the blog. I didn’t mean to, but I’m telling far more personal things than I expected. I now have 17 pages done of 25. The end is near. When I have done all entries I will go back and add some background colors, washitape and stickers.


Finally, here is the desk. It’s messier than it was last few weeks, but I think you will like that. I’ve been coloring. For christmas I got a gift certificate from my work and I bought a beautiful wooden box filled with Derwent soft pencils. I have a thing for pretty packaging and these pencils are a nice quality. My husband gave me 3 coloring books and I bought 2 more. I think this will give me enough for a lifetime, but I keep seeing all these books with pretty images 🙂


I didn’t notice I took a picture of the box up-side-down. Also a picture of the coloring page I’m doing.

Other things on the to do list are the 13 goddesses. It’s really nice to notice sketching faces becomes more easy. if you want to see how my goddess looks this week, come back friday. I’m also working on a sky night painting, that I hope to finish this weekend. Not sure if I can manage that, because of a trip with my photography group.


For the Ever After class I’m still in the watching videos and thinking modus. Last weekend I visited the local museum and saw this painting. I knew this is what I want to do with my own paintings. I love the details inside the house, but I love even more how the outside is shown. I keep watching to this painting and asking myself questions: how are the 2 women related, do they go to that church, what is she reading? So even if I still haven’t done any real art for this class, it is keeping me busy.

7 gedachtes over “WOYWW 371

  1. The Pokemon thing has been a huge hit here too! I don’t get it myself but if it means that people are getting out and walking lots, then that’s a good thing :-). I have a weakness for lovely pencils and colouring books too – it’s the patterns, isn’t it? I can’t resist them!
    Hugs, LLJ xxx


  2. Great coloring and what a sweet hubby to enable your passion. Have fun with Pokemon. Just be safe. Buddy up/ safety in numbers and all that. 😉 I LOVE that painting. I also was captured by the exterior detail.. really draws you into the painting. I also really liked the dress you added to the girl in your journal.. tactical as opposed to drawing something in. Creative Blessings! Kelly #33


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