The weekend


I admit, this paper wasn’t a blind draw. I made plans to go to the local museum with my friend weeks ago, when I heard about this exposition about glass art. I know this friend has a love for anything glass and I myself was just curious what could be done with glass.

We made it a nice afternoon, starting with lunch at this lovely lunchroom. It opened it’s doors very recently and all products are biologic. To think of that, we have many of these restaurants in Dordrecht with biological food.


We sat there for almost 2 hours because we had this much to chat about. We work together, seeing each other almost daily, but last few months we’ve been so busy there was hardly time to catch up. It has been raining a lot these last few weeks, so finding a fish in the streets wasn’t a big surpise. I really love this Pokemon Go game. If you play or start to play: be careful while crossing the streets, don’t only look at your phone.

The glass exposition was stunning. I had no idea this could be done with glass. And there where so many different styles and shapes. In the museum a movie played that teached about several methods to produce glass and showed some intervieuws with the artists about how they worked together with the craft master.

I also watched some video’s for the ever after class. I still haven’t done any artwork for it, because I want to finish some other projects first. I did do some soulsearching for the class about what kind of things I really really love and what kind of things are important to me. It would be very helpful in my time management if I stopped falling asleep. I guess I’m far more tired than I realise, as soon as I sit down and stop doing things with my hands I  fall asleep.


I started this coloring page. It will be a page in the summer journal I’m making. For the 25 prompts I have to answer I have done 15. The end is coming. It will be hard to say goodbye to it in a couple of weeks, I like it so much. Then again, I will receive a journal from someone else and I can’t wait to see it and read it. For some prompts I shared my deepest thoughts and it is a weird idea sort of a stranger will read those in a couple of weeks.


I’l be sharing this post with Our Beautiful World, where the theme is Play, with Creative Mondays and Our world Tuesday. Have a great start of a working week everybody!



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