Music, goddess and geocaching

It’s friday, the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. I would like to start with something I did last friday. Sometimes weeks go by so fast you need to do some catching up.


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Last weekend I was at Pitch Festival in Amsterdam. This electronic music event is held in the Westerpark including the Westergas fabric and some other buildings. It’s all about electronic music and it must be made live. These guys in the photo gave a perfect example of how to do this. Visitors could walk around the stage and see what happened. You could also ask questions to them. I was amazed about what sounds you can make using only buttons and wires. And those men knew what they where doing. I think if my teachers had used this kind of machine in physics I had much more enjoyed those lessons.

How much I loved the modulair machine, my most beloved discovery was Sofie Letitre. She reminds me of Portishead. And I got to see DJ Shadow. It feels I know his music forever and this was the first time I saw him preform. It was nice, but also a little disappointing. I guess my expectations where too big.


Linking this to Our Beautiful World

The inside of the Westergas fabric is a little intimidating. It’s huge, it’s urban, it’s cement and iron. In the past this was a storage container for gas, now it’s used for all sort of events. It is perfect for music with a bass because of it’s round shape. You can feel the bass hit your body.

After the weekend I needed a little time to rest. My muscles hurted and the lack of sleep didn’t do me good. But some good sleep and I was good to go to my craft room again. I worked on a new goddess and a journal entry.

The theme for the goddess was egyptian. I choose to draw and paint Bastet. She had a female body and the head of a cat. She first was responsible for sun eclipses, but somehow she became the protector of women and the sun became the moon, because of the moon cyclus women have.

I painted her using only red, yellow, blue, black and white acrylic paints. I’m a little more happy about the painting than I was last time, but I decided I really don’t like this paper. I will give it a try with watercolor. I have used this paper before, but then I first collaged the paper before adding paint. That’s an option too. It will be used.

Every now and then I draw a paper out my summer jar. I don’t do it as often as I expected, life is more busy than I thought. This time it said Go geocaching. I made a little adjustment and didn’t use an official route. There is a new pokemon game to play on your smartphone. To find pokemon you need to walk outdoor with the game open. If you find 1 you see this creature in the real enviroment. It sounded geeky, I’m not a pokemon fan, but this was really nice. It adds something extra in taking a walk trough the neighbourhood.


8 gedachtes over “Music, goddess and geocaching

  1. Wat leuk dat je ook aan geocaching doet. Wij doen het nu 5 jaar, maar ik heb nog nooit een Wherigo gedaan, omdat we geen smartphone hebben, maar het ziet er heel grappig uit.
    Je godin vind ik ook erg goed gelukt.
    Ik heb even een inhaalslag op je blog gemaakt, want ik ben de afgelopen 2 maanden steeds op reis geweest, maar het lukt me niet meer om overal alsnog een commentaar op te geven.
    Groetjes van Jolande


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