13 goddesses in 13 weeks #5


I heal by making art. Hearing the sad news about the airport in Istanbul made me grab my brushes and gelliplate. I hope and wish this was the last attack the world has to face. My heart goes out to all who are hurt and who have to miss loved ones.

Besides healing art brings me joy. The fifth theme is Native American. It seems every tribe has it own gods and goddesses, it took some time to choose 1. I know a little about Nordic and Greek mythology, but all the others are new to me, I have to search the internet to find a goddess and a story.




I found this image of an indian woman online and used it as my reference to draw my picture. I think this woman is beautiful. She looks proud and secure. That’s how a goddess should look. The comments below the image say she is probably Cherokee. With me she will be Hutash, goddess of the earth and special protector of the Chumash tribe.



Hutash created people who lived on the island Santa Cruz. When her husband gave the people fire the life of the people became much easier. More and more people where born and their chattering kept Hutash awake at night. She decided the people should live all over the world. To let the people leave the island she created a rainbow bridge. Some people crossed the bridge safely, but some fell off. Hutash didn’t want the people to drown and she turned them into dolphins.


Last few years in february I have joined 29 faces. Last february I practised a lot of drawing with a photo as a reference with a grit method. I learned a lot from that. Now I drawed without a grit and I’m amazed to see how much progress I’ve made since I started drawing. Practise does help!

I didn’t got time to paint Hutash. I’ve been cleaning and organizing the attick. It’s room for storage, but I also do laundry there and I want it to be a place where guests can sleep (more honestly, we need an escape for snorring spouses). The Ikea bed was delivered and had to be put together. It took much longer than I thought. But the attick is coming along and so is my craftroom. I’ll be joining Ever After and have set up my workspace. It was a week of cleaning. If anyone is interested in paper napkins let me know and I’ll sent you some. I have more than I will ever use and throwing them away seems a waste.

Linking this to paint party friday and show your face. Have a nice start of the weekend and go see what others have made.




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