Making cocktails and reading books

I’ll be hosting 6 swaps for this project on this fun and kind group on swap-bot. I try to do 1 activity on the weekends and 1 on wednesday.

Make a cocktail. Sure no problem, love them! But how to choose 1 of the many many cocktails? I decided to make a special coffee, because all supplies I already had.


You need extra strong coffee, I used my special coffee maker to make an espresso. I’m so happy with this tiny thing. Before I had a nespresso machine, it took a lot of space on my kitchen counter and then it broke. They are pretty expensive and don’t give the kind of coffee I really wished for. I searched for a new machine, to discover that the machine I had was 1 of the cheapest and then I found this thing. It’s an old-fashioned coffee maker, 1 that needs to be put on a fire and it gives exactly the coffee I was looking for. Only 15 euro. It’s cheaper and better, win win!

You also need condensed milk, wodka, an ice cube and marshmallows. Take a glass and put in the ice and 30 ml wodka. Add 50 ml milk and 50 ml hot coffee. Burn the marshmellows a little, put them on a stick and serve them as a spoon. The combination of ice and hot gives it a nice temperature. I liked it, but less wodka would be better for me. Strong stuff.


Now I’m thinking of what else to make. Lately I’m in the mood for smoothies and I found some ideas to serve fruit and water. Both sound delicious to me, but I doubt if they are cocktails. But who cares 🙂

enhanced-20366-1395369612-7Something else that kept me busy was the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. It’s about a list of books mentioned in the tv show Gilmore Girls. I decided to take this challenge, you can read all about it here. I also created a swap to share experiences within this challenge.

At the start I read 19 books and 14 titles I’ve seen as a movie (but that doesn’t really count). If you have suggestions of where to find free and legal ebooks I be very pleased to hear them.



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