Last week there where some polaroids on my desk. They where to use in a little project that is now finished. I made a very simple waterfall book with them. I’ve seen beautiful embellished waterfall books online, but for this I believed in the Less is more idea.

I continued decluttering my craft room. I hope you don’t mind I keep sharing with you. I know I like a peek in others closets and organization of craft supplies. This week I emptied the drawer I store my stencils. A few I tossed out because they where broken, but most I kept. By just rearranging them I made it look like half the drawer is empty. It will be a mess in no time again. I’m looking for a better idea to store them. Can you give me any ideas? Maybe I should put them in a binder.


On to the desk. I have a few projects going on, but at the moment I’m pretty good at cleaning between projects, so it’s not messy at all and I have a lot of workspace.


I’m working on a journal. It’s for a swap and I’m having so much fun with it. Most of the prompts I can talk hours and hours about and decorating it is calming me down a lot. The little pile on the left corner is mail I need to reply to and 2 notebooks. 1 I use to jot down ideas for my group on swap-bot, the other is more a diary/junkjournal. 1 of my cats was keeping me company and was singing for me. She talks a lot! It’s annoying early in the morning, but rest of the day she is a great cat. We’ve had some problems with socializing her and she got me in tears many times, but last 2 years she is doing great. Being patient and listening to her needs really paid off. She is sitting on my sketchbook I’m using for the 13 goddesses in 13 weeks challenge. I’ve only done 1 so far and will continue using only yellow, blue, red, black and white paint for it.

More desks can be seen at Lunch Lady Jan.


I have many paper napkins or serviettes or however you call them, far more then I will ever use. If you like to receive some please let me know. I don’t need anything in return, but a letter or a postcard is always appreciated.




8 gedachtes over “WOYWW 369

  1. It feels great to declutter and sort out each drawer. Well done you for doing this one.
    Your cat is so pretty. I guess I wouldn’t appreciate a vocal cat early in the morning. Mine is not vocal at all but does jump on us in the morning and starts purring and kneeding. So we get woken up too.
    Happy WOYWW,


  2. Hi, Gorgeous cat you have,I do love black cats. I store my stencils in one of those document folders with the plastic pockets in- you know the sort I mean.? They should be available from any stationers. Our last cat was a black one, and he too could be very vocal, especially when he wanted feeding! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #6 xxx


  3. Oh you are working tidily, most impressive! I love that you have a chatty cat, what a personality! I store my stencils in a similar way, they were in a binder but I didn’t use them so much when they were tidied away!


  4. Your waterfall book is lovely. I like to reorganize different parts of my studio on a regular basis too, because it makes me look at my stuff differently and reenergizes my creativity. It sounds like your cat is turning out to be a really good studio companion. I have a cat and dogs that keep me company too. Blessings!


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