Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union and became independence in 1991. It now is a republic. The president is Nursultan Nazarbayev. It’s supposed to be a democracy, but that is doubted. Although the people are happy with their president and with real elections he probably be president too.


Original the people living in Kazakhstan are nomads. This way of life and the Kazakhs culture was suppressed by Lenin. The population increased by 38% by starvation and emigration. To let the population grow again the Russians deported many people to Kazakhstan. Now a days there live 131 ethnicities.


Kazakhstan is economic very successful, there is a lot of oil. The biggest religion is islam. You can read more about Kazakhstan here. The pictures are found on the internet. I search on instagram for the country and save the images that appeal to me. I have no idea who have taken these pictures, but I do want to thank you all.

Do you remember when Obama became president of the USA he said he would close Guantanamo bay? To do so a place where those people could live had to be found. A few of the Guantanamo prisoners are now living in Kazakhstan. Vice made this documentary about 1 of them. It’s worth watching, those men still aren’t free, they even prefer Guantanamo above this life.

I cooked a meal called Sambas. It’s meat in bread, must be good. And it was. I order my meat online. The animal lives longer than it does with “normal” meat, the cows are used for milk and meat and the animals have more space to live, also outdoors. When you order you have to wait till the whole cow or pig is sold before it is butchered. Between ordering and receiving can be 6 weeks. I think this is a more animal friendly way of eating meat, but I often eat vegetarian as well. It just tastes too good to not eat meat at all. Anyway, this is the recipe I cooked. I used store-bought dough for the bread, sometimes you need to be kind to yourself and keep it simple.


Next year the world Expo is held in Astana. All buildings will be powered by wind and solar energy. The pictures of the buildings look amazing. It’s almost science fiction. I think it’s a huge contrast with the rest of the country.


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