colorful photography

For this swap we had to take pictures of colorful things in our enviroment.  We where allowed to use a photo editing program to make our pics more colorful.

A little playing with a photo of my cat. I was thinking about the work of art Andy Warhol made of Marilyn Monroe while doing this. I don’t know how to select a background and give that an other color. Maybe I should learn a little more about photo editing.

color 1

A collage of some colorful flowers I shot recently. Every few weeks me and some friends go out and take our camera’s with us. This time we went to a garden in the centre of Rotterdam. It was pretty amazing to find such a peaceful and silent place in the city center.


1 more of the graffiti event, because it is full of color and I admire people who are not afraid to make art while people are watching.

And I found some color during a shopping trip. Outside we don’t see much color. It rains a lot and all is grey, grey, grey. When I look outside I feel like wearing sweaters, it looks like autumn. Temperature is summer though.

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