13 goddesses in 13 weeks

Kai-Zen doodles is hosting a nice challenge: Create 13 goddesses in 13 weeks. For each week she gives a part of the world that has it’s own mythical stories and within those stories you can choose your goddess. Any medium is welcome and I saw some nice ideas on the Facebook group. I jumped in on week 4 (will do the first 3 after the last) and the theme is Semetic. Growing up in a christian family I never realized that part of the world has it’s own mythology as well, although I have read stories of 1001 night.


Meet Tiamat. Before the world was as we know it, there was a different world, containing of water only. Tiamat and her husband ruled this world and there lived 3 generations of Gods. Tiamat was mother of most of them. She was very fertile, a giant and fierce. She looks like a dragon or a sea snake and haves antlers. When her lover is murdered she gives birth to many sea monsters. The other gods get scared by this and 1 of those gods attacks her. He wins and she is divided in 2 pieces and becomes the earth and heaven as we know it.

I sketched Tiamat and 1 of her baby dragons. She must have been angry or sad at the time, but I don’t know how to draw emotions (time to learn). I’m pleased with the drawing and wanted to paint it.


Last year I took an acrylic paint class where in we could only use yellow, red, blue, black and white as colors. To challenge myself I went by that pallet again, also adding some metallic bronze (I love to use that in my faces for shading) Mixing the paints went pretty good. Skin color is a little hard to make and it turned out to be a little too much orange, but I could live with that. A while ago I bought new paper to paint on, sturdy mixed media quality and that I had used for my sketch. I don’t know if it’s the paper or if I added too much or too little water, but painting became a disaster.


I know best thing to do is to keep trying and adding paint. It wouldn’t be the first time a horrible start ends pretty nice. But at this moment I’m too disappointed in my skills. And I leave it for now. I start with the next goddess and maybe I finish this at the end or I make a new painting. For now I will test my paints on this paper to figure out how much water to add and should I add gesso first or not. I really like the quality of this paper and I hope I figure how to work on it best. Watercolors do well on it, so it’s not wasted, but it would be nice if acrylics would do well too.

Linking this to paint party friday, a great place to start the weekend and to see more painting and drawing.



5 gedachtes over “13 goddesses in 13 weeks

  1. Love your sketch of Tiamat and the painting is coming along, some times its good to leave it a few days and go back to it. I look forward to seeing how you progress and to your next goddess.


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