I love to visit pinterest and posts about craft rooms. Other people rooms always look so nice and tidy and clean. I have a craft room too and I’m very happy to have  1. But it never looks nice and tidy and clean. I decided it was time to rearrange my closets and boxes. To not get overwhelmed I’m doing it step by step.


Starting with the above shelves. I didn’t even know what was inside of some of these boxes. I found a huge pile of old mail. ATC and other handmade treasures will go into a binder, I decided to throw away the letters, I don’t have enough space to keep them all. I also found my unfinished felt christmas stable. To finish it will be a project for this year, it’s really cute with the figures as matroesjka dolls. Old fabric that I will never use and don’t feel comfortable to give away to others is in the bin. And at the end I had almost 1 shelve empty. I’ve put my paint supplies over there. Those where now all around the room and it’s good to have a dedicated place for them and still easy acces. Also the perlerbeads you see in front are now inside the closet.


This is it, all tidy. It still looks messy 🙂 I suppose it would look better if all boxes looked the same. But buying these boxes costs a fortune! This will do for now. At least I know what is inside those boxen and I know I use it regular.


And the desk: In front you see a postcard I’m making. I received an enveloppe with goodies  and had to make something with that. I made a collage with almost all paper I received and used paint and stamps to make it more uniform. Finishing it with a cute girl on top. On the back you see some polaroids with embroidery on it. I have a huge pile of polaroids and wanted to use them in my art. My husband and I like to do photography. Besides our phones and real digital cameras we also have a bunch of old polaroid cameras we use often. It will take a long time before I run out of polaroids. You can also see a few more stamps I made. Since last week I’m hooked. And I found a lot of inspiration what else to do with linoleum besides making normal stamps. Now all I need is a lot of time to do it all.

More desks you can see here.




6 gedachtes over “WOYWW 368

  1. Love that clearly used desk!, don’t you always feel better after a re-org!. I can never keep it that way though. Good luck to you, love the postcards. xoxox Donna #4


  2. You did a great job organising your stash like that…I regularly sort mine out. IT’s good to see what you will use and what you won’t and recycle or discard the rest. I’m pleased to hear that you do a lot of photography…Polaroids are funky ways to take pictures. That postcard of yours is great fun!
    HUgs, LLJ xxx


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