India is the second most populated country of the world. There live thousand million people, I don’t even know how to pronounce that number. The capital is New Dehli, but the largest city is Mumbai. It’s official name is Republic of India.


India is an upcoming economic nation. More people become richer, but still many people are poor. There isn’t much of a middle-class, altough I assume this will come as long as the country keeps developing. Because of India’s culture and caste system it might be harder for some people to escape poverty.


India is a large country with divers landscape. You can find tropical beaches, dessert, mountains and forrest. It has a past of migrants and therefor has an interesting mix of all kinds of cultures. Biggest religion is hinduism, but islam, christianity and buddhism are also quit big. As always the above pictures are found online and not taken by me. They do make me curious, it’s so colorful and such interesting architecture. Who want to read more global information about India can visit wikipedia



You can’t go to India and not visit the Taj Mahal. This building is listed as a world heritage site. I watched this documentary on youtube. I did not know it was a mausoleum, I might be the only person on earth who didn’t know this. The documentary tells about a great love story, but it also shows how the people who did the labour and the people who lived in the area of the building suffered. Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t create buildings like this anymore. Still, it’s an amazing looking building and the filigree inside is unbelievable.

India has a large film industry called Bollywood. The first movie was made in 1913. The movies are populair all over the world and often a Bollywood movie sells more tickets than a Hollywood movie does. I went to the cinema and watched Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, it’s 1 of the bollywood movies that can be found on netflix. I searched the internet to see what people eat in a cinema in India and learned about Samosas and Vada. This recipe sounds yummy, but supermarket bought popcorn is so much easier. The movie was nice. A love that can not be, songs, colors. I watch these kind of movies every now and then, they are good entertainment.


Visiting India means eating curry. I made 1 with chicken marinated in yoghurt and I made my own filled flatbread. I’m not a big fan of curry but I liked this a lot. It wasn’t hard to make and I will probably eat this again. The bread was nice, maybe add a little cheese to it.


As a crafty element of this journey I created a mandala. A mandala can be used by meditation in buddhism. I don’t know much about traditional asian religions, but I do try to practice mindfulness and drawing and coloring like this sure made me focussing on the moment, paying attention to what I’m doing. I can understand this would help by a meditation, because it helps you focus.





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