30 days of gratitude 17-20


This quote has helped me very often. I start a project and don’t finish it. This makes I become afraid to start something new. Taking 1 step, that first step, is the begin of a journey. Those journeys are my own personal journeys and it doesn’t matter where they lead me. Taking that first step is important to get things done. And the journey may not go as planned, but then I remember Life is happening while you’r busy making plans.


This piece of art was a birthday gift and I love it so much! It is made by Herakut.


This cat was abused as a kitten and not too fond of people. He still doesn’t like strangers but loves to cuddle with me or my husband. His touch makes me grateful. We won his trust.


My husband (who will hate me for posting a pic of him). He makes me laugh, makes me feel worthy and is always there for me. He does all this things on his own way and that is sometimes not my way, but he can’t help that, right. We are 2 different persons who try to make the best of life together.


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