30 days of gratitude 13-16

I’m gratefull that I can write. As an introvert person I prefere writing above talking. It gives me time to orden my mind. 

Mostly I’m gratefull to see. There are so many sight to be gratefull for. 

I love all seasons, each has it’s own charm. I’m gratefull spring is here. There is more daylight, it’s nice to go outside the house and everywhere you look there is ne nature. 

I honestly I can’t say what part of my body I’m the most gratefull for. I like my eyes and I think I look alright. I am very gratefull to have a healthy body. I have never been in the hospital and never broke a bone. I get the flue almost every year and after a week I feel alright again and sometimes I eat something wrong and get sick. 


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