30 days of gratitude 9-12

The place I am most gratefull for is my home and inside that home my own room. I’m so happy to have a place where I can be myself. I don’t have to dress up, I don’t need to put on a false smile, I can be how I feel. And luckily I often feel like laughing, but it’s good to have a place I don’t need to conform public opinion. 

This cookie is called stroopwafel. In between 2 biscuits is a little syrup. Delicious! I know I’m blessed to live in a country with enough food and all sorts of candy. 

I’m not religious and I don’t really celebrate holidays. I do appreciate the extra day of free time. Sinterklaas is the holiday I like best. With my family we craft something special and give gifts to each other. Nothing spectaculair, but the crafts are well thought and it’s good to spend time together. 

Taking a walk I found this tree covered with moss and a new loot. And I felt overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. 


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