Gabon inspired photo swap

For the passport challenge we try to take some pictures in our own enviroment that are inspired by the country we explore. Because Gabon has beautifull nature and a lot of national parks I went to visit a special park in my area. 
Close to my home is a national park called Biesbosch. It’s an interesting park and very important for the water level of the place I live (I live below sealevel, never had wet feet because of the dykes) but I decided to go some place else. This is a very small forest with an educational garden. This is a small area where you can find all local plants and you can imagine how it looked 100 years ago before it all was urban. 

We don’t have a spectaculair wildlife in the Netherlands. More north there can be found a bigger deer, wild pigs, badger and fox. If you ever visit my country I would recommend to visit this place called de Veluwe. There are excursions and you should see the deer and pig, the other 2 are shy. In Biesbosch  lives beaver and close to Amsterdam is a huge park where also wild horses live. 

 In the area I visit you can find a small deer and fox. But I went during the daytime and there was a group of kids in the educational garden, all animals where hidden. In the past I have seen the deers but never the fox. 

I captured a butterfly and some bugs but even the ducks fly away from me. There are also lots of frogs and I did hear them, also saw some movement but they had no intention to be a model for me. 

You can find a lot of birds here. All sorts of singing birds, water birds and birds of prey. I saw ducks, a wood dove and a jay. In the fields around this little forest you can find all sorts of meadow birds, those are special and protected. I wasn’t able to catch a bird but I have this short video where you can hear them (and the kids)


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