Exploring Gabon

The wildlife in Gabon is amazing. The nature is very beautifull and divers and there are all sorts of animals that live there. 

There is a documentary called Gabon, the last Eden by national geographic. I can’t find how I can watch it for free and legal, but I did find this documentary that refers to it. As most African countries Gabon has problems with poachers and therefor many animals are endangered. The first documentary I mentioned is about a man who travels the elefant trails and finds an elephant massacre.  With his film he convinces the president of Gabon to do something against this. Now Gabon has 13 national parks that covers around 10% of the country. Gabon is a political solid country and with these parks and their hard work for nature protection and awareness I think it’s a good country to visit when you want to travel Africa. Here you find a playlist with some short movies about Gabons national parks. 

Besides the care from the goverment there are also independence projects for animal care. I found this project that specialised in caring for Young gorillas who are orphans because of poaching. 

I found some interesting dishes with antilope meat, but where to find that in the Netherlands? So I choose this dish with chicken. I used the bananas as a sidedish and added some cucumber. Cucumber is good with almost anything. The taste was alright, plain and a little boring. 

It was hard to find books about Gabon. I found 1 book that made a connection between a dutch cartoon and animism. As I said in my introduction I don’t know much about that religion and I thought the subject was interesting. The book was nice, it was funny and weird to see how many details of this spirit religion is used in a dutch cartoon. I still don’t really understand animism. There isn’t really a god, but everything has a spirit and needs to be treaten like that. I think it’s comparable to western pagan religion, but (again) I don’t know much about that. 

This book (sometimes in Africa) tells several travelstories about Africa and 1 is in Gabon. It’s about a white man who delivers a truck at a hospital and he has to drive trough the rain forest to get there. It’s a very short story but I can imagine it feels like an adventure to drive on non existing roads and meet all sort of people who don’t see tourist regular. 

My trip to Gabon has come to an end. I very much enjoyed the nature, it looks like a beautifull country. 

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