30 days of gratitude 1-4

A good smelling bodylotion makes me very happy. I have a dry skin and don’t react too well on soap. This helps not to feel itchy all day and still smell good without using soap. 

I’m gratefull for internet. This might sound sad, internet (mostly social media) is seen as a thing that makes contact between people shallow. But I have met so many wonderfull people online from all over the world. People that share the same interests as me or dealing with the same problems. Meeting those people have enriched my life. 

I’m gratefull for all colors, but I’m mostly gratefull for the fact I can see colors. I wear glasses and without them I see really bad. My favorite color is pink. 

I’m gratefull for fruit. It’s delicious and healthy. I’m gratefull to live in a country with more than enough food. And there are so many kind of foods to choose. Even when it’s not the seison. 


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