I’ve never felt much interest in visiting Africa, but after my first search for Gabon I might change my mind. It looks really beautifull and diverse. 

There live a little more than 1,5 miljon people in Gabon, most are christians or animism (I don’t know much about that and it sounds very interesting), they speak french and the country is independent from France since 1960.

In Gabon live around 40 different tribes. It’s a political stable country. Presidents can rule a little longer than I’m used to, the second president was in charge for 42 years. After his death his son was elected for president. 

There are 13 national parks in Gabon, this is 10% of the land. I already watched a short video on youtube about these parks and the landscape and animals are amazing. 

The pictures are not mine but found online. The wikipage with lots of information is found here. And for the first time this challenge the national newstelevision had an item about the country I’m visiting. It’s about ivory and how Gabon and Kenya do something against this together. You can read an english article here


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