The 100 day project

On instagram I joined a 100 day challenge. It’s pretty simple, you choose your own theme and do something for that for 100 days showing 1 picture each day. 

I know doing the same thing for 100 days wont work for me. I choose living a creative life as my theme. Is that cheating? Choosing something you already do every day for years? It still is a little hard, I don’t do something creative every single day. Altough that depends on the definition of being creative. To me it goes further than making art. Cooking and gardening are part of my creative life as well and I need to relax in the shower, play a videogame every now and than and spend time with family and friends to get new energy to be able to live a creative life. So it will be 100 pictures of art and things I do to keep the creativity alive. 

Things like cooking a new dish, paint a cat and preparing the office for a bithdayparty. Honoring prince, I was shocked by his death, still can’t really believe it.

Other things I did in the past 12 days are visiting a fantasy festival (and that is a boost for creative ideas!) and make some more art. 

I will not bore you with every detail of the challenge. Some things are interesting enough to get an own blogpost, the others I’ll give an update every now and then. You can follow me on instagram ofcourse, my username is angenita. 


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