Warning: many many pictures in this post!

Last weekend I visited an event called Elfia. It’s a fantasy thing where people dress up as any fantasy character you can imagine and it was amazing!

Me and my friend dressed up early in the morning and ready to leave. We both crafted our outfits by using things we had and alter them. 

Everywhere you looked there where amazing dressed people. It was overwhelming and I didn’t know where to look first. 

People crafted lots of objects they carried around or had beautified their body/clothes with. There where shops everywhere where you could buy anything you need for a cosplay game. 

There was amusement for children, you could learn to be a blacksmith, reliving the mideviels, moviecharacters and so on. Every corner I found something new to be amazed about. 

More amazing people. Some where so extraordinary! When I left home I felt very dressed but when I was at the event I felt too simple. 

Also the enviroment and details of the castle where amazing. We didn’t see the castle inside, it was a possibility but we hadn’t enough time. We already planned our next event and I’m looking forward to it already. Sorry for the huge amount of pictures but I couldn’t choose which not to show you. 

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