The last 2 weeks I’ve been at Fiji with the passport challenge. If you look at the pictures you understand ehy I didn’t blog sooner about this. Fiji looks like an exotic paradise and I was busy daydreaming at the beach. 

Fiji is an archipel consisting more than 330 islands, 110 of them are permanent habitated. The capital is named Suva and since 1970 they are independent from the United Kingdom. 

Fiji has an unique culture. For what I understand this is because there always have been a lot of migrants. At this moment almost half of the population is from India. 

The pictures above are found on the internet and not taken by me. If you want some more information about Fiji go here

I found some great art on Fiji. On the airport you can see a fantastic cloth made so different from what I know. Here is a link and a short video about it. 

The patterns are great to incoorporate Into zentangle style artwork. I gave it a try. Unfortunatily my favorite black marker run out. 

For Fiji I also took my camera and shot some pictures in my own living area. This time the theme was flowers because you can find gorgious flowers in that area. Some of my pics are made in the garden store, some are now growing outside. 

At last this is the recipe I tried. Simple, fast and tasty. Perfect for workingdays. 


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