Hieronymus Bosch

1 artist to explore for a month and to make something inspired by his/her wirk and life. We start with Hieronymus Bosch, in dutch he’s called Jeroen Bosch. He was a dutch painter who lived from 1450-1515. This is the wikipage about him.

There is a large exposition about his work this year in the Netherlands. I wanted to go, but all tickets are already sold. Luckily I found this link about his painting The garden of earthly delight that is maybe better than seeing it for real.  

For my own artwork I let me be inspired by the birds. The background is done with the gelliplate. The bird is paint and coloring pencils. 

In dutch the word birds is vogels. This was then a therm to use for sexual intercourse. Well that gives a new vieuw on my love for bird watching. 


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