Strong woman mailart

On march 8 it was international womenday. I live in a country where women can do the same things as men can do. We can vote, can be leaders, can visit a doctor. We can be independent. This is not normal in the whole world and therefor I think this international day is important. 

The rights I have didn’t came by simply waiting. Strong women fight for these rights. To honour them, to be gratefull for these rights and to remember there still needs to be done a lot of work we did a strong women mailart swap. 

I choose Aletta Jacobs as my strong woman. She was joined the university in 1871 and was the first dutch woman to graduate. She became a doctor and gave her clients information about birthcontrol. 

In those days you could vote when you earned a certain amount of money and Aletta was the first woman who could vote. The law was changed so women could no longer vote. She became a fighter against this law. In 1919 it was changed again. 


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