Danish frikandeller

My 10 days without meat and dairy are over. The first meat I ate was this dish. It didn’t taste as good as I expected and I was a bit disapointed. The innerside of the meat was still very moistured and I did not like that. I had made a lot of these burgers and I stored a few in the fridge to eat them as lunch the next day. I heated the oven to 160 degrees celcius and put the burgers in it for 30 minutes. I served the burgers with bread, tomatoketchup and gherkin and that was delicious! Add sauce and everything taste better.

A little about my food challenge. I was a bit scared to join, I eat vegetarian a few times a week, but 10 days without meat and cheese and milk and yoghurt sounded like hell. Plus sugar, glutes and caffeine was forbidden too. 10 days without coffee! And what would I eat for lunch if I couldn’t eat a sandwich with cheese? Luckily I received a mealplan for 10 days. The meals where delicious! And I wasn’t hungry between meals. I slept much better than normal and getting out of bed was way easier. Also my stomach felt so much better, my skin got less dry AND I lost 2 kg. I loved it! I’m not convinced this is the fulltime way of eating for me, but I will eat far more like this then I was used to. I’ve been exploring the internet for recipes and a whole new world is opening. Yesterday I eat pizza, who knew pizza could be this healthy and honestly you don’t taste the cauliflower.


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