Dancer in the dark

I love the european cinema. And I love Lars von Trier. His movies are dark, they get under your skin, they make you think. Lars von Trier is experimenting a lot in his films, unusual light, unsteady cameras. It’s weird I like his movies so much, after watching them I always feel bad. 

Dancer in the dark is featuring Bjork, a fantastic singer from Iceland. She is playing an immigrant in USA, who came there because her son needs a special surgery that can’t be done in Europe. It’s about the american dream that turns out to be a nightmare. Dancer in the dark is the most cruel musical I’ve ever seen. 

Lars von Trier started his career with Europe as his theme. He made a trilogy I also want to watch about the passion and suffering of Europe in the past, present and future. His later movies have America as theme. Dancer in the dark, Dogville and Manderlay shows his vieuw of America, as a european who’s never been there. 

Just 1 song of Bjork to end with, because I like it so much. 


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