The passport challenge brings us to Denmark. Legoland, Hans Christian Andersen and vikings. This should be fun again. 

Denmark is a democrating kingdom in Europe with around 5,5 miljon people living there. The people don’t vote for their king or queen but for the parliament. 

The oldest archeological findings date from 130,000–110,000 BC. Between 1400-1500 Denmark, Sweden and Norway had 1 king. After that Sweden became a country of it’s own. The constitution of Denmark was signed in 1849 and this was the beginning of Denmark how we know it today. 

Christianity is the largest religion in Denmark. There is a Danish church as state church. During the reformation the catholic church disappeared. There is freedom of religion in Denmark. Therefor the catholic church is back again. The largest group of religious people is protestant, second are muslims and thirth are catholic. 

Things I already learned after 1 read about Denmark:

  1.  Greenland and Faroe islands are also part of the danish kingdom. 
  2. In the Netherlands we have 2 areas that are also called Denemarken
  3. Like the dutch, the danish love their bicycles. 

As always in the introduction of a new country: photo’s are found on the internet and not taken by me. 


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