Church of Dordrecht


Within the passport challenge we started a photograph challenge as well. We take pictures in our own enviroment inspired by the country we are visiting. For Cambodia we let us inspire by Ankhor Wat, a beautifull, ancient, huge temple that still is the heart of Cambodia.    
 We don’t have temples here, but we do have an ancient church. Official it is called Onze lieve vrouwe kerk (our beloved lady church, a therm we use for Mary, mother of Jesus) but everybody calls it grote kerk (big church or in more proper english main church)

 The oldest papers the church is mentioned in are dated in 1122. There was a fire in 1475 and already in 1600 the tower became loke the tower of Pisa. But everytime the church was rebuild and repaired. And it’s still here. On sundays christians still come together to pray and sing. On other days the church is open as a monument. 

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