When broken glass floats

A young girl is growing up in Cambodia facing the horrible Khmer rouge. Because of her willpower and courage she survives the labour camps. Her story is the story of many Cambodians. 

This book was shocking to read. I have heard of the killing fields, I know the khmer rouge made everybody work on the country. But reading this girl’s story was like reading a horror story, you can’t believe it, but this really happened. It’s hard to believe a government treats it’s civilians like this. 

As a young child she has to work very hard. She survives many diseases and a lot of hunger. The love for her family keeps her going, a forbidden love for the khmer rouge. Her father is executed, a few siblings dy of diseases and her mother dies of hunger. At the end of the book she is getting a new, free, life but I kept waiting for new horrors. 

It was an interesting book that not only tells about the bad things that happen to this girl but also learned me some things about traditional Cambodian culture. Habits that become forbidden by the khmer rouge. 


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