It’s a good thing you don’t get a jetlag from virtual traveling. Yesterday I still was at the Bahamas and today I arrived in Cambodia. 


In Cambodia live over 15 miljon people. Most of them are Buddhist.  It’s a kingdom, maybe I can find some juicy royalnews during this trip. Although I doubt the royals can move and be critisized as freely as the royals in europe can. 

The recent history of Cambodian is very dark. Pol Pot and his khmer rouge killed 25% of the population. There still are minefields that causes terrible injuries. Tourism is growing, a good thing probably if it wasn’t for the huge amount of sex tourists. I think this trip will make me often sad. It’s hard to find fun facts of this country. But I will try. 

Luckily there are also beautifull temples to be found and long long time ago there must have been a society that knew about architecture and how to transport water. Looking at the pictures (that are not mine) I see amazing landscapes. I hope this will bring a little joy in this trip. 

For who like to read more facts about Cambodia you can visit wikipedia


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