Passport challenge

I started my journey to the Bahamas by reading about a black page in dutch history. The book I read wasn’t about the Bahamas. At that time the Bahamas where Brittish, the dutch had their own island in the Caribbean. I had a hard time finding books, movies and crafts relating to just the Bahamas so I took the freedom to visit the Caribbean (I try to focus on the Bahamas though). 

I haven’t found an english translation of this book. If I translate the title it would be The jewish slave. 

The book tells the story of a young black man, living in Africa, sold by his own people and transported to the Carabbean as a slave. On his journey he meets a dutch jew who is an important man in Amsterdam and for the VOC. The 2 man become friends, as far as that’s possible between a slave and a master. 

The book doesn’t have a happy end. It’s all about discrimination and racisme. For me it was a good read. The role of the dutch in the slavery bussiness is 1 that isn’t mentioned in my education. It’s only since a few years there is some interest in this subject. The black dutch (colonial) community is working hard to change this. I do think it’s important for a nation to know their history, also the black pages of it. 

I started and finished this book on the same day. It’s easily written and I wanted to know how it ended. The not happy end was realistic. In real life almost nobody lives happily ever after. Now I do wonder how the VOC continued their trading with or without slavery. I must dig in my history again. 

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