Goodbye Afghanistan

In english this book is called A thousand splendid suns. It’s the story of Mariam and the much younger Laila. 2 women born and raised in Afghanistan. Witnessing the Russians, the communists, a civil war, the taliban and the Americans. A story of living in war, being afraid and still finding hope. A story of losses and reasons to go on. A story of violence against women, outside and inside the house. 

As with the movie I watched this is a heartbreaking story. I certainly reccomend reading this book. It tells the recent history seeing through the eyes of 2 women, it’s about their hopes and dreams and love. It’s not a historic book, but it could have happened. 

This book is the end of my trip trough Afghanistan. I loved it and I hated it. This country looks so beautifull on pictures, but it’s recent history is horrible. Searching the internet I’ve seen beautifull landscapes and people. I tried new food and listened to new music. I tried to not focus on the war history of Afghanistan, but that’s impossible. There is too much of it. This trip also brought me a lot of creativity and a new understanding for refugees. 

Next stop are the Bahamas. Something totally different!

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