It’s messy. I’ve been working on a few swaps and painting faces and didn’t clean up in between.


On the left you can see my paint pallet. I found 1 of these blocks with special paper on it. A disposable pallet and I love it! And you can see a grit I draw on a plastic sleeve. It’s been very helpfull with sketching faces. It’s the first time I draw with help of a grit and it’s making sketching so easy!

On the right and above all sorts of paints, pencils and markers. I have so many colors and brands but I always use the same products. I bet I’m not the only one who uses only half of her stash. Nothing is thrown away when I declutter because I will use it someday. Really, for sure, only 30 years to go before I retire and have the time I need. 

And in the middle the girl I’m working on now. Background is made with the gelliplate a long time ago. 

Now I’m going to Julia and see what others have on their desks. 

5 gedachtes over “WOYWW 348

  1. Love the painting and all the fun you are having making it. Amazing how much stuff you have to drag out for one project, isn’t it? I think you are right that crafters only use a portion of their supplies. Lately I’ve been trying to downsize the stuff I don’t use. People looks at me like I’m crazy but I could really do with the extra space! Thanks for the visit earlier and the nice words about my rolltop desk. I just love it! PJ #50


    • Extra space is motivating me to downsize (great word, didn’t know it) Last year I organised my room, putting everything I use within hands and the rest not so easy to grab. I was just looking at my closet and there is 1 shelve that I haven’t touch since that day. I could start with that.


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